Child Welfare and Protection in the context of Covid-19

In Ireland, as we try our best to settle in to week three of home-working (where possible), work, school and university closures, social distancing strategies and, more recently, the concept of cocooning for those who are vulnerable and/or over 70, it is clear that Covid 19 is having a significant impact on our way of... Continue Reading →

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The Challenge for Social Workers – Take Action on Child to Parent Violence & Abuse

As a social worker, psychotherapist and researcher, I have heard parents describe their feelings of walking on eggshells around their child and of living in fear of the next explosive outburst leading to threats and acts of harm and/ or violence against parents who feel powerless and alone. Social workers and other health and social care practitioners in voluntary and statutory services talk about the feelings we face when parents and carers tell us about living in fear of their child under the age of 18 years old. We are faced with difficult dilemmas: how can we resist the impulse towards a quick and easy solution that probably will not work in the long run? How can we resolve the dilemmas that this raises for us? How can we anchor ourselves & keep a clear focus on helping the parents and the young person?

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Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome all to the Irish Social Work blog - blogging on contemporary issues in Irish social work.

My reason for starting the blog was to provide an open forum for comment, opinion and critique on all things Social Work. I'm also hoping to invite and receive contributions from those outside the field in related professions such as nursing, law, health and social care amongst others.

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Paradigms, postmodernism and Positioning: Reflections on Social Work Theories for social work practices in the early 21st Century.

Author: Professor Caroline McGregor, NUI Galway Introduction At the beginning of this third decade of the 21st century, the level of sophistication we have arrived at in relation to social work allows us to dig deep to articulate the relations between social work theories and practices.  Many advanced examples of theory-practice relations in social work... Continue Reading →

Adult’s experiences of disclosing childhood sexual abuse to child protection services.

“…the first thing’s doubt, do people actually believe what you’re saying…”Tony Sexual abuse in childhood affects a multitude of people across our societies and communities. While we can't be deterministic about the effects of sexual abuse we do know that common effects include poor mental health, substance abuse, issues with trust, authority and control, stigma,... Continue Reading →


So, I haven't posted in quite some time. This is due to many reasons, personal and professional. My PhD research reaches it's crescendo tomorrow as I sit my Viva Voce; the living voice. Which is very fitting as that is what the research presents, the living voices and lived experiences of individuals who have disclosed... Continue Reading →

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